Catherine Anne Held, PhD
Photo by Lindsey Ptucha

“I help you experience a deep sense of calm so that you can access your own intuitive wisdom, healing resources and spiritual connection.”

— Catherine Anne Held, PhD

Delia's Story

Delia Pratt, MD (1947-2006) was a gifted family practice physician who took time to listen deeply to her patients... Delia was diagnosed with a rare uterine sarcoma (cancer) and given less than two years to live...
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Welcome to Ancestors'  Way - Energy Healing

Ancestors’ Way uses ancient healing technologies to assist in natural pain relief and stress reduction, for the enhancement of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.

Dr. Held integrates ancient and modern healing technologies to strengthen the immune system and promote natural healing.

Ancestors’ Way research-based and time-tested services help you to:

  • Access your own inner oasis of calm
  • Reduce stress and the effects of previous trauma
  • Enhance energy and feeling of wellbeing
  • Access faith, courage and wisdom
  • Find spiritual meaning amidst distressing life situations with a trusted guide
  • and much more >>

NEW! Delia’s Book: Guidance for Cancer Healing

An inspirational guide for patients and family members facing cancer is now available. In this short and easy guide, Catherine shares the secrets that helped her close friend and holistic doctor Delia Pratt beat the odds. For more information go to:
Delia's Book: Guidance for Cancer Healing