Ancestors'  Way Healing Hands
Photo by Lindsey Ptucha

“I give thanks to this
wonderful healer, Catherine.
One of the most deep and powerful healings I have ever received. Now, I am better prepared for my upcoming surgery with her help.”

— Loretta “Makai” Sagona
Holy Medicine Women

Ancestors'  Way Healing Benefits

During troubling life conditions such as illness, loss and trauma recovery, one of the biggest impediments to healing can be uncertainty and fear of the unknown. Navigating the medical system can be stressful and difficult. Loved ones and co-workers dealing with their own anxieties and fears may not be able to offer needed support and resources.

Ancestors’ Way research-based and time-tested services help you to:

  • Access your own inner oasis of calm
  • Reduce stress and the effects of previous trauma
  • Enhance energy and feeling of wellbeing
  • Access faith, courage and wisdom
  • Find spiritual meaning amidst distressing life situations with a trusted guide
  • Reduce side effects of conventional medical treatments
  • Learn natural healing methods
  • Be proactive in healing
  • Complement conventional medical treatments