Ancestors' Way Energy Healing
Photo by Lindsey Ptucha

“I was able to reach a
Samadhi (peaceful) state
very quickly and easily.”

— Paul Burgert, MD

Ancestors' Way Healing Services

What Can I Expect?
The session should be deeply relaxing and illuminating. While fully clothed, sitting in a comfortable chair, your experience will begin with a guided prayer. Catherine will then move her hands near your body to feel and assess your energy and use her hands, voice and rhythmic instruments to clear your energy. She will lead you in guided imagery that will help strengthen your immune system and provide insight.

Prayer: Co-created prayer begins each session to focus intentions for healing and to request assistance from the spiritual realm. Numerous scientific studies have shown that prayer promotes healing, and that prayer transcends space and distance.

Energy Clearing With Your Clothes On: Therapeutic Touch is a form of energy medicine that was developed by a hands-on healer and a nurse, using the common sense approach that one person can deeply affect another’s wellbeing. Therapeutic Touch has been widely researched and acknowledged by western medicine, especially by the thousands of nurses trained in the simple technique. Trained practitioners convey “contagious calmness” by directing their hands slowly near the body to promote a strong immune system. Using smooth, flowing hand movements near your body, the practitioner assesses, clears, and balances the body’s electromagnetic energy field. Clients report a deep feeling of relaxation during the sessions, similar to massage.

Visualization: This technique is widely recognized as effective in stress reduction and in improving the immune system in cancer treatment. Imagery is the language of the soul, and each person has his or her own rich language. Sessions tap the incredible power of imagery to provide insight and engage inner healing forces. Dr. Held provides simple suggestions that assist in helping healing imagery and insight to emerge. For example, you may be guided to imagine a healing color, see yourself amidst a circle of loved ones, or to visit a safe place.

Sound: Songs and tones are used along with rhythmic instruments to assist in energy balancing. Spontaneous chants provide a kind of soul song, unique to each person. Sounds from a drum, a rattle, a crystal bowl and other instruments promote deep cellular healing.

Art Making: Simple art techniques are sometimes used to integrate healing imagery and engage creative capacities.  

Ceremony: Each Ancestors’ Way session is a short healing ceremony that invokes the assistance of the Divine, while engaging the senses using many different modalities.

Plants: A medicine bag of healing aromatic plants such as lavender and California bay laurel is sometimes placed briefly on the body to assist in balancing the body’s energy.

Rest: At the end of each session, you are guided to rest for a short time such as 5 or 10 minutes to receive the full benefits of the work. This quiet time allows you to integrate the new energy and bring it back into your every day experience.