Delia - Photo by Michael Pinkston

“You helped me see my son grow up, exceed my life expectancy by ten years, and not be afraid of death when it was my time.”

— Delia Pratt, MD



Ancestors'  Way Testimonials & Healing Stories


Delia’s Story

Delia Pratt, MD (1947-2006) was a gifted family practice physician who took time to listen deeply to her patients, and trained a whole generation of Sonoma County physicians through the Community Hospital/Sutter residency program. She was a keen diagnostician and researcher who blended her Cherokee background with western medical science. When her only child Jonathan was six, Delia was diagnosed with a rare uterine sarcoma (cancer) and given less than two years to live. She lived for twelve more years, undergoing a dozen operations and major procedures, many of them experimental. Delia researched, used and taught many healing modalities such as Chi Gung, guided imagery, and Emotional Freedom Technique.

Near death many times during those twelve years, Delia astounded her physicians with her indomitable spirit and self-healing capacities. Delia was a fiercely protective and loving mother, and lived to see Jonathan graduate from high school and enter nearby Sonoma State University. Delia helped hundreds of people in the U.S. and abroad throughout her illness with help, information, and support using the internet. Delia attributed Catherine’s healing sessions as a primary contributor to her amazing longevity and ability to withstand the ups and downs of medical treatments.

Catherine speaks: “I met Delia at the beginning of her illness in a simplicity class at the church we both attended at the time. Throughout the years we were partners in healing as we became good friends, and co-leaders of a women’s spiritual group, experimenting with different forms of prayer and healing. We shared a deep passion for learning, creativity, spirituality, social justice, and healing. Delia encouraged my first tentative steps as a healer, and provided medical expertise to my first cases. She supported me through my own difficult times of divorce, traumatic death and illness. Together we experimented with many of the different types of healing that I continue to use. We talked about publishing together and starting a healing center together. Delia—both her memory and her presence—is an active partner in Ancestors’ Way.”

I asked Delia at the end of her life what had been most important in the many years of our healing work together.

Delia speaks: “You helped me so much! Catherine, you always treated me like a whole person, no matter what was going on with me medically. That gave me hope. Without that hope, I would have died years ago.”

“Now, at the end, I especially appreciate the visualizations. I see my ancestors clearly as they are ready to greet me. I am not afraid to die, because you have helped me be comfortable in other realms. When I feel your hands move over my body, I see the hands of the ancient healers coming through you.”

Jay Stromgren’s Story

Jay was a local business banker and community leader who was diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer and given three months to live. Radiation and chemotherapy were not able to stem the rapid growth of his cancer. Jay lived a year past his diagnosis. During that time, his house was filled with laughter and loved ones. Though his illness was not cured, Catherine taught him to reduce his pain.

His wife, Sharon Wright, said, "The visualization techniques you taught him/us were invaluable — they helped him to control some of the unbearable pain. The techniques were especially helpful when Jay had to stop taking all medications so the doctors could do a nerve block to try to control the pain. Then, the last few weeks when it seemed the medications weren't working, I would talk him through the exercises — breathing, relaxing, visualizing — somehow he could get through another minute, hour or day. You were a blessing!"

Marcie’s Story

Marcie is a young woman who suffered troubling uterine bleeding and went to three different doctors who were unable to provide effective treatment. After one session with Catherine, her symptoms vanished.


“You helped me see my son grow up, exceed my life expectancy by ten years, and not be afraid of death when it was my time.”

— Delia Pratt, MD

“I was able to reach a Samadhi (peaceful)
state very quickly and easily.”

— Paul Burgert, MD

“Whatever it is you are doing, keep doing it!”

— Oncologist

“Thank You, Catherine! I didn't know I could have this kind of experience without taking drugs!” 

— C.B.

“I give thanks to this wonderful healer, Catherine. One of the most deep and powerful healings I have ever received. Now, I am better prepared for my upcoming surgery with her help.”

— Loretta “Makai” Sagona
Holy Medicine Women

(Note—Ancestors’ Way sessions are confidential. These stories are used with the permission of the clients and/or client families.)